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search console | google webmaster |submit url to google | google sites

search console | google webmaster |submit URL to Google | google sites :

Are you planning to create a website or you already have one? But you are not getting enough traffic if so then this post is for you. To get traffic to your website you must have to write quality articles and submit your site to search console. Which follow google guidlines. If you posted really good and original articles to the site but still don’t get enough traffic.Search console


Submit to search console

Make sure you must submit your website to search engines like google, bing, Yandex etc. many of you don’t know or may be facing problems in uploading your site to google search console. So today we teach you in detail how you can use google search console and increase your website traffic.


1.STEP 1- login to google search console and click on start now as shown in the image

google search console

STEP 2 – now sign up or if you already have an account on google use it and login to google search console.

google search console

STEP 3 – Google has updated its google search console appearance so it might confuse you a little so click here for the older version . and this page opens as you can see in the image below. click on fetch as google tool.

google search console

STEP 4 – now this pages opens now click on the right side on “search console” as you see in the image below.

google search console

STEP 5 – Now the home page of old version google search console opens. click on Add propertyGoogle search console

STEP 6 – Now enter your website url here.

STEP 7 – Propery type your websites url check wether your webite is http or https properly enter your site’s address. Like I enter my site’s URL or my another website and click Add.


STEP 8 – Now you have to verify the ownership of your website. By using one of the given methods.

STEP 9 – Click on alternate methods.

Google search console


Google search console

STEP 10 – Choose the domain name method because it is one of the easiest methods. Select your domain name provider and click verify.Google search console

STEP 11 – Your domain name provider’s page open now login.

Google search console

STEP 12 – After clicking on verify, a pop-up window will open to login to your Godaddy account and once you login, Google site verification service will ask for accessing your account.

Google search console

STEP 13 – On the next page, it will ask you to re-confirm “Are you sure you want to verify the domain”, click on yes and it will take few seconds before you will see message verification complete.

Google search console

Now your domain is perfectly verified. now you can index your website on google search console so that is can appear on google search engine and your website gets traffic.

if still, you are facing some problem let us know through comments or you can email us.


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