oru adaar love full movie download leaked online by Tamilrockers?

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oru adaar love full movie download leaked online by Tamilrockers:

The story revolves around the journey of high school kids from the time they first meet during their first day of class in 11th class until their graduation day in 12th class. Roshan woos Priya with the help of Gadha and his other friends. One evening Roshan and his friends get drunk and a friend of Roshan accidentally sends a porn video from Roshan’s phone to the school’s WhatApp group.

This causes a wedge between Roshan and Priya. Roshan and Gadha then pretend to be in love to make Priya jealous, but they end up having feelings for each other. Then Priya comes and says that she is ready to forgive Roshan and they again start to be in a relationship. But Roshan is unable to forget Gadha. Priya becomes aware of this and she is heart broken and tells Roshan that Gadha is only the perfect person for him and they end their relationship.

oru adaar love full movie download

On graduation day, Roshan decides to propose to Gadha on top of the mountain. Just as Roshan is about to propose to Gadha, they are attacked by a bunch of goons who were antagonized by Roshan and Gadha earlier as part of an eve-teasing incident. When Gadha was about to be raped and Roshan to be killed, their friends enter and save them. The movie ends with them riding away happily.

The original climax shows that Roshan is killed and Gadha is raped by a bunch of goons.The climax was changed due to negative feedbacks from audience.

oru adaar love full movie download