off page SEO techniques 2018

off page seo techniques 2018 – Get 100,000 organic visitors with these tips

off page SEO techniques 2018:

In order to improve your website/blog ranking in google and get more traffic to your website or blog. So today we talk about the best techniques to do Off-page Search engine optimisation. By applying these methods I am sure you get more traffic and rank your website or blog in google and many other search engines. Today tell you the best off page SEO techniques 2018

off page SEO techniques 2018

What is off page SEO techniques 2018?

I am sure Many of you heard this word many times. but don’t know the exact meaning of this term. In simple words: Whatever you do to promote your blog post is called “off-page SEO“. It is very important for a website. It helps us to get more visibility and views on the internet. Today we explain step by step how you can do it and boost your site easily. Let’s get started.

1.Quality content

This is the most important factor. You have to write original and good quality content. Try to go in details. Write an article which can help people. While writing your article consider yourself as a visitor. Think of what as a visitor you want in the article. Do a proper research about the content. Try to provide the best information. Try to do something unique. Because it is very important that viewers like your content. If they like your content they share it with others and come back definitely to your site because you provide what they want. this the most important off page SEO techniques 2018.

2. Share it

After you write the quality content and you are sure that if definitely helps others. Go ahead and start sharing it by yourself with other. Share it with your friends on social media and tell them what they get in the article. And once they like your article they started searching for more and your earned your visitors.

3.Guest posting

Many big blogs or websites allows guesting posting. This is one of the best and fast method to rank your website. But for this, you have to write quality content.this is must for off page SEO techniques 2018.Contact with other bloggers.tell them about your idea. If they like your content. they will publish it on there site and you start getting quality links from there. this increases your DA And PA. As you know these are the main factors now to rank in google. But it is very important that you choose only those blogs which are of your categories. For example, if you have a tech site submit your guest post only to tech sites. Here we provide a complete list of best blog which accepts guest post. Try to reach them and pitch your idea.Here is a list of some popular blog which allows guest posting.

Content Marketing Institue
The Huffington Post
HellBound Bloggers
The Penny Hoarder
Techie Buzz
Make a Living Writing
Natural News
Food Sense

4.Forum connection

Take part in the online forum discussion. Discuss with them make a good connection. Reply to threads. Answer there questions and ask questions as well. Talk about your content. Make them curious about your articles. Take benefit of forum links. Better to use Do-follow forums. But these forums are very active. You have to be active on these forums in order to get benefit from there. Here is a list of some best Forums which you can use. submission

Next step is the Directory submission. This is a good way to increase your search engine visibility. Directory submissions work like a phone directory. Submit your blog or site there so that search engines know about your blog. There are both paid and free methods are available. I recommend you to go with free version because both methods work same just in paid version process is fast in compared to paid. But who pays if you get it for free. So here is the list of some good Directory.

6.Q and A

There are many websites like Quora, yahoo answers. etc where people ask questions. Just visit Question answer site and start answering. choose a question which you can solve with your articles. Write half answer and give your article link, in the end, says-To know more visit(your article link). This is a great way to get traffic and earn links. Here is a list of some good Q and A sites.

7.Social media

One of the easiest and most effective way to rank your website or blog. Start sharing your article on social media. Reach as many people as you can. Here is a list of some popular social media website which you must have to use.
Google plus

8. Commenting

It is also a popular method to build links. Comment on some popular blogs and leave a link there. Try to write a comment related to there article. Ask questions try to find some mistake and make them aware through your comment. This is the best method to approve your comment. Choose some popular blogs and start commenting.

Wrapping up

Apply these 8 off page SEO techniques 2018 steps and see the difference in your website ranking. But this is not a one day process. It takes time. If you think you can instantly increase your ranking than you are wrong. Google takes time but you will definitely grow with this method. hope you like the info. If you have any suggestion or query let us know through comments.



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