latest movies download 2018- full hd movies online

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latest movies download 2018- full hd movies online:

latest movies download 2018 is dhamaal, Dhamaal is the story of Four good for nothing friends Roy(Ritesh Deshmukh), Adi(Arshad Warsi), Boman(Aashish Chaudhary) and Manav(Javed Jaffrey) are kicked out of their house by their landlady for not paying their rents. Desperate to earn money, they devise up a plan. Adi tells Manav to steal a painting from the house. They decide to sell it to the son of the late Businessman Dwiwedi. But, however, Manav accidentally picks up a blank painting not knowing the reality. They humorously sell the painting for Rs.20,000 to him.latest movies download 2018

latest movies download 2018

They then pick up the original painting with the intention to sell it to Mr. Aggarwal not knowing that he has been murdered. The case is handled by Inspector Kulkarni. He learns that before Mr. Aggrawal was murdered he was speaking on the phone to somebody and he mentioned the words ‘horse’ and ‘grass’. He interprets these words to be some code language. The four arrive at Agrawal’s residence. Kulkarni demands to see the painting. Seeing the horse and grass he immediately arrests them.

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While travelling on the highway Kulkarni drops the four on the road after realising that they are innocent. The four are overjoyed until they suddenly witness a car accident of Don Bose. He tells them that he has hidden a treasure of 10 crore in the St. Sebastian garden in Goa under a big ‘W’. He tells them to divide the money equally among themselves and then dies. They come across Inspector Kabir Nayak who has been trying to arrest Bose for the past ten years. He tries to extract information from the four but in vain, they escape from there and decide to travel to Goa. Desperate for his promotion, Kabir is determined to capture the four. All four friends steal Boman’s car which belongs to his father Nari (Asrani), who loves his car more than his son and threw his son out after he damaged his car.

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The friends manage to steal their car but not before hitting Nari on the head and making him unconscious. Roy loses control of the car in a forest and hits it against a tree, breaking both headlights. They decide to spend the night in the car. The next day Kabir is transferred to Yavatmal for failing to capture Bose. Furious he walks towards his table where Nari is waiting for him to file a complaint against his son for stealing his car. He gives Kabir the photos of Boman and his car. Meanwhile, all four come across a broken bridge which is the only way through the forest. They decide to jump the car but Boman is reluctant to do so. They manage to jump the car on the other side but it blasts off.