How to watch movie online in thelearningtech

How to watch movies online on thelearningtech:

We try to provide you the best entertainment, So we provide you the download link and you can also watch movies online too.

To watch movies online in mobile use google chrome.

To watch movies online in pc or laptop pls use internet explorer.

  1. Go to


  1. Select your favorite movie for ex we choose this movie



3. scroll down


4. you can see Links, From there you can download and watch movies online. To start downloading click on the download link and wait for 10 sec to unlock the download link.


5. After 10sec the link unlocks, now click on the link to start the download.


6. to watch online click on the watch online link.


7. select your fav. resolutions. and click on watch online.


8. wait for the timer to unlock the link.

9. Now click on continue to watch your favorite movie online.

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