Download WhatsApp for Windows

Download WhatsApp for Windows 10 64 bit laptop | Open whatsapp on laptop

Download WhatsApp for Windows 10 64 bit laptop | Open WhatsApp on laptop

Download WhatsApp for Windows

Have you ever wonder that you can download WhatsApp for Windows 10? Isn’t it great? But the question is, is it possible? The answer is “yes”.Today we tell you step by step how to install WhatsApp on a pc or laptop. So in the first method, we talk about Whatsapp web. Whatsapp provides a feature called WhatsApp web. Let’s see how to use whatsapp web. Step by step.

Whatsapp is so popular nowadays that everyone wants to always connect to WhatsApp. The mobile messaging app announced more than 1.5 billion monthly active users.

Step 1: Download WhatsApp for Windows 10

Open your WhatsApp on your mobile phone. Click on the settings as you can see in the image.

pc whatsapp download windows 7

Step 2

After you click on settings. You can see different options there like new group, New broadcast, Whatsapp web, Starred messages, and download whatsapp windows 7

Step 3

Click on WhatsApp web and there you can see a web address is given and an Or scanner. Which says Visit on your computer and scan the QR code.

whatsapp for pc

Step 4

Open this web address in your pc or laptop

download whatsapp for windows 7

Step 4

Scan this code using your WhatsApp scanner page which we open through WhatsApp web.

whatsapp windows app windows 10


Step 5

Now you can use WhatsApp in that browser. You can turn on notifications and get informed everytime you receive a message directly on your laptop/pc. But you have to maintain the connectivity. you can also download the WhatsApp app for windows.

This is a pretty simple method but there are some issues with this method.

  • You have to maintain the connectivity
  • Cannot use without sim card
  • Cannot use without the mobile phone

METHOD 2: how to install whatsapp on a pc

There is one more method which you can use to overcome these problems. This method is called bluestack. It a simple software through which you can use android apps directly into your pc or laptop. This is method 2.

Let’s check this method step by step-

Step 1

Open your browser in your pc and Download a software called Bluestacks.

app download and install

Step 2

Click on Download Bluestacks. and download starts. Open it It says install now. click on it.

Download WhatsApp for Windows

Step 4

After installation finished you can now download your favorite Android apps, games etc. But today we talk about WhatsApp so search for WhatsApp and download it. It looks like this.

Download WhatsApp for Windows

Step 5

Just open your WhatsApp and enter your details just like you do in your mobile phone. Now you can use WhatsApp in your pc without sim card. No need to maintain the connectivity with your phone. It runs perfectly.

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wrapping up:

If you wanna know how to download WhatsApp for Windows 10 then follow these 2 methods. these are the best methods which you can use. Still, face any problem? let us know through comments.

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